Pigment Golden Yellow Paste and Emulsion

Brand Lavanya inks
Powder Name Pigment Golden Yellow Paste and Emulsion
Color Golden Yellow
Usage Coating Pigment,Ink Pigments,Plastic & Rubber Pigment,Paint Pigment
Category Printing, Designing
Application Textile Industries and Paper Industries

In order to cater the variegated demands of our clients, we are offering an excellent quality range of Pigment Brown Paste and Emulsion.

Product CI Name & CI No. Pigments Yellow 83 21108
CAS No. 5567-15-7
Pigment Class Diarylideyellow
Physical Properties Specific Gravity (20C) 1.4
Oil Absoraption 52±2cc
Water Solution 1% Max
Si-ever Resident (200 Mesh ) 0.5% Max
PH of Aqueous Extract 7
Specific Conductivity in ms cm-1 <0.5
Moisture Content 1% Max
Resistance To Bleed Reagents Water 5
Acid (5%HCL) 5
Alkali (5% NaOH) 5
Lime 5
Plasticizes D.E.G. 5
D.B.P. 5
D.O.P. 5
Linseed Oil 5
Oleic Acid 5
Soap 5
Paraffin Wax 5
Fastness Properties Light Full Strength 8
Reduction 1:10 Tio2 5
Heat 120°C (300°F) 30 Min 5
150°C (300°F) 20 Min 5
180°C (355°F) 10 Min 4